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Sports Junkie here..! I try to keep track of my Sports passion here. Sporting news updates, scores, news, announcements, schedules. All things New England SPORTS…!

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I’m a Technologist at heart. The Internet over took my life in the early ’90’s. I try to keep up to speed with the rapid changing Technology trends, news, latest feeds from a variety of cutting edge sites & vendors.

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I’m a News and Political junkie since the mid 80’s. These feed encompass the entire political and news spectrum. Real time and up to date.

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Bucket List – Parasailing

Finally overcame my fear of heights and went Parasailing…!

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Greatest Superbowl Comeback Ever!

Superbowl 51 will be known as the Greatest Comeback Ever..!     The game vaulted the Coach & QB as the BEST EVER. New England 34 – Atlanta 28 Great Game Summary –

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So we elected this thing..!

I’m still in shock that this great country elected this NY con-artist.  Donald J. Trump, President of the USA.  May God help us all.

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Stock Markets Hit an All Time High..!!!

If you can’t make money in this Stock Market, then you ain’t trying..!   What a sick Bull Market Run. Stocks closed higher Thursday, with the three major indexes closing at new record highs, amid sharp gains in oil prices and strong quarterly results from retailers.

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Bucket List Items Galore – Paris

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I finally made my way to the City of Lights, Paris, France.  I knocked off 5 separate bucket items. Notre Dame Cathedral Arch de Triumph Palace of Versailles Eiffel Tower River Boat ride along the Sienne River  

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Cleveland Cavs Win Championship

All the talk of the Golden State Warriors being the best of all time..? Could they beat the ’96 Bulls..? That would be No and No.

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