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The USGA Sucks

The US Open golf open is run by a bunch of amateurs, so clueless, they make the gokl course the hardest in the world and the ball moves 1 mm and a player is penalized for it. ‪#‎USGAsucks‬ ‪#‎AmateurHour‬


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The Champ is DEAD…!

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The Champ is dead…! I was lucky enough to see him box, although be it at the end of his career. I wonder in today’s very hostile environment, if a famous sports figure changed his religion and name to a Muslim background, if that would be the end of their sport career at least in America..? My guess is yes, hopefully I’m wrong.

“The man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.” Muhammad Ali

The GREATEST Ever...!


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Kenny Chesney

Should have gone to Kenny Chesney tonight…!

Dumb move, I should have gone to Kenny Chesney tonight, down the road in CT…!

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Hate the New Instagram Logo

Hate the New Instagram Logo, for what it’s worth…!

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USA Flag (Jamestown Golf Course)

Love the New Flag at Jamestown Golf Course

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My favorite golf course, Jamestown Golf Course, just added an awesome American Flag that rises high above the skyline and looks fantastic from a number of different locations on the course.  Not only does it help you with current wind conditions, it just looks great..!   Awesome idea.

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Android Auto – Initial Thoughts

I’m trying to like the new Android Auto on my new car, but it’s hard.  It feels like similar Google products (Notes, Sites, etc) they release that I call Beta feeling, and this is one of those.  When it works, it’s really good, I miss my WAZE app – please integrate it into Android Auto (PLEASE..!)


WAZE, The “BEST” Mobile driving app by Far…!!!!


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Goodbye Rigs (Rigdon Reese)

Rigdon Leeds Reese
April 25 at 7:47am ·

What a beautiful day, yesterday at the Ocean Cliff, to remember Rigs life, with family and friends. Over looking beautiful Narragansett Bay, on a bright and sunny afternoon, friends shared some great stories from the past. My remembrance didn’t rise to the occasion, but I thought I’d share it here. I knew only a sliver of Rigs amazing life, simply golfing with him every Wednesday afternoon for about 10 years. Those simple afternoons on Jamestown Golf Course were some of my favorite memories. We shared stories of music, politics, religion, relationship, and of course golf. After a decade of playing golf, Rigs started to go his own way, although I always was hoping he’d show up out of nowhere to surprise us…

I miss him and he remains one f the most interesting people I have EVER met, and look forward to that next golf round we can share together.

March 30 ·

 I’m bummed to learn an old golfing buddy passed away, Rigdon Leeds Reese was a One of a Kind spirit. I’ve never met anyone like him, his stories, his worldly knowledge was just so entertaining. There are some stars that shine brighter than others, some planets affect your orbit more than others. Rigs you will be sorely missed… I just wanted to play ONE more round of golf with you. Life is truly short my friend…

“Rigs” the Golfer

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Prince Died

Yet another musical genius dies too early.  I will say Prince was one of a kind, I didn’t always like his music, but it was his for sure. Maybe the weirdest artists in my life time. Live concert was always his best, first read about him in 1981 in the back of a music magazine #purplerain

Prince performing “Live” was always deemed his best music, this clip from the Superbowl needs to be watched again…      Pouring rain, live instruments, 100M people watching…    Nails It..!

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Which Is More Addictive, Sport Or Casino Gambling?

watching sportsIf you love sports, at some point, you might have thought to place a bet on a sport event or match that you like. It’s pretty natural to get to the point of trying a sports bet. And there are also numerous scientific researchers and studies about sports betting that should explain the main reasons why a dedicated sports follower may decide to place a bet on, let’s say, a football match or a tennis match.

Irresistibly Attractive

If sports are today so much diffused and played by people of all ages and social condition, it may be because:

  • According to experts, sports have a strong impact on the brain. Sports is mostly connected to the ancient idea of survival: in prehistoric times, people had to fight in order to survive. Fights involved different groups of people, sometimes even dangerous wild animals that menaced the tribe’s life.
  • Moreover, sports are somehow related to the idea of game, as well. Sports, and in particular team sports, feature precise rules and look very much as funny games – that’s why children love to play sports as well.
  • Sports betting is, by consequence, a form of entertainment too: the gamblers find it interesting to see if their knowledge about a certain sport may bring them some good luck. We may think that it’s because of the sense of challenge
  • Mass medias built a giant empire around sports of all types, making of skilled athletes and sports players idols for the mass – which makes following that idol’s sport more captivating

Addiction – Ways To Avoid The Dangergambler

One of the most worrying threat for a sports gambler is the gambling addiction. It’s very easy to develop a mental addiction to sports gambling, as well as any other form of gambling including casino gambling.

In fact, once gamblers begin to place real money bets it’s hard to say “no” to the next occasion to play for real money again in any of the following situations:

  • In case of lost, the gambler will want to try again with a new bet
  • If the gambler wins, the euphoria will overdo any rational thinking and bring the gambler to place a new bet in the hope to win again

At this point, it’s obvious that it’s not really the type of gambling (sports or casino), but more likely the approach to the gambling activity.

safe gamblingResponsible Gambling In Casino

Many Las Vegas casinos warn their customers about responsible gambling rules and many online casinos inform their players about the risks from gambling addiction troubles.

Generally, the best way to avoid any serious addiction to gambling is to impose yourself a series of limits (and you’ll have to feel comfortable with them!) in terms of budget and of time to spend playing games/watching sports.

This real money casino guide helps all online casino players to enjoy a positive casino game experience. In fact, real money players are not automatically destined to develop an addiction to gambling. As far as you follow the tips and advices that you can find on Top New Casinos, you will easily learn the best approaching to the casino reality.

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Jordan Spieth’s Collapse at the Masters

Call me shocked to watch the very steady Jordan Spieth have a total breakdown at the Masters.  Hope he recovers but that was a real tough 30 minutes of golf to watch.